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Understanding the Land Environment

Influencing or potentially controlling the contested and congested Spectrum whilst still being able to communicate with blue forces is critical to all defence and security missions. Increasingly, EW and Cyber Security are becoming important beyond the sphere of standard combat operations to include the full range of internal security threats from espionage, insurgency, terrorism and cyber-attack.

Supporting Land Missions

Our flexible multi-role, multi-platform solutions support many land and joint operations:

  • Covert Surveillance Operations
  • Homeland and Border Security
  • Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) Protection
  • Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime
  • Force Protection – RCIED and EOD

From UOR to Core

Significant numbers of vehicles extensively upgraded through UOR processes are being brought into core and form part of the backbone of many armies. The requirement will be to have a capability that is more flexible and adaptable to undertake a broader range of military tasks at home and overseas.

How to Stay One Step Ahead

L3 TRL has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the design, manufacture and support of Electronic Surveillance, Satellite Monitoring, Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) / Electronic Attack (EA) and secure network communications, L3 TRL is able to meet the demanding requirements of modern day EMS management enabling defence, government and law enforcement agencies to stay one step ahead of the enemy.