Understanding the Littoral and Maritime Environment

Influencing or potentially controlling the contested and congested Spectrum whilst still being able to communicate with blue forces is critical to all defence and security missions. Increasingly, EW and Cyber Security are becoming important beyond the sphere of standard combat operations to include the full range of internal security threats from espionage, insurgency, terrorism and cyber-attack.

Supporting Littoral & Maritime Missions

The presence of military and security forces on the high seas or the littoral sends a powerful message that a nation or alliance is committed to the provision of a stabilising influence in the area or region. These deployed maritime platforms and associated coastal sites require the right mix of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities in order to maintain individual and collective Situational Awareness. Tactical Electronic Warfare (EW) is a key enabler of this common operational picture.

Our flexible multi-role, multi-platform solutions support many maritime, littoral and joint operations:

  • Maritime Security and Interdiction Operations
  • Strategic Platform Protection
  • Critical National Infrastructure Protection
  • Counter Drugs, Counter Terrorism and Piracy
  • Amphibious Operations
  • Coastguard and Border Control
  • Surveillance Aircraft Operations

How to Stay One Step Ahead

L3 TRL has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the design, manufacture and support of Electronic Surveillance, Satellite Monitoring, Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) / Electronic Attack (EA) and secure network communications, L3 TRL is able to meet the demanding requirements of modern day EMS management enabling defence, government and law enforcement agencies to stay one step ahead of the enemy.