Engineering a safer world

L3 TRL Technology is an agile UK-based company which designs, develops and delivers advanced electronic systems for the protection of people, infrastructure and assets.

We operate in the fields of electronic warfare and cyber security, creating scalable solutions by investing in innovation and delivering excellence. Working in partnership with civil and defence organisations, we defend against evolving and emerging threats worldwide.

As part of the leading US defence supplier L3T, we are resourced to anticipate and support our customers’ evolving needs, staying one step ahead of the threat in a changing environment.

Our flexibility comes largely from the fact that we have retained the ethos of a smaller company, where relationship building is paramount.

The long-term customer, industry and in-country partnerships we develop pay huge dividends in terms of trust, responsiveness and our understanding of key issues.

These strong partnerships are a testament to the quality of our people applying their in-depth market knowledge and technical experience in order to understand our customers’requirements.

About TRL Technology

Operating from four sites in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, we have an expert workforce of 300 employees working together to deliver innovative and complete solutions for a wide range of customers including: Military and Special Forces, Homeland Security (DHS) and Ministries of Information, Police (EOD, CT SOCA), Government and Security Agencies, Prime Integrators, Energy & Transport, Financial & Corporations. 

L3 TRL is a trusted supplier to:

  • 25 international strategic & tactical surveillance customers
  • 20+ coalition countries for EW / EA / ECM Force Protection
  • UK Government for 5500 TS Government Grade network encryption devices
  • Key development partner UK HMG 

We understand the importance of tailoring individual solutions that are scalable and flexible to meet the specific needs and requirements of each customer and all of our systems and products are now ITAR free and available to users across the globe.