Feb 2016

EW Rome 2016

02 - 03 Feb 2016, Rome, Italy


Contingent threats have led to a resurgence in the development of Electronic Warfare (EW) strategies, technology and equipment to help dominate the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS). Whether at land, sea or air, militaries are looking to focus their efforts on effective management and exploitation of the EMS by utilising a joint service approach.

Recent operations have required little testing of EW capabilities, but this looks set to change as militaries seek assured C4ISR to protect their forces. EW 2016 will host an international audience looking to reinvigorate their EW tactics, training and procedures (TTP’s) to discuss methods of wresting the initiative away from the enemy.

Key Focus Areas:
• Management of the electromagnetic spectrum management
• Assured C4ISR in a hostile EW environment
• Protecting the Force
• Training & Simulation
• Kinetic & Non Kinetic weapons
• Unmanned Systems
• Countermeasures

L-3 TRL Will be exhibiting at EW Rome in February. To register to attend the exhibition and conference, please visit