Oct 2013

EmSEC 2013

28 - 29 Oct 2013, Dubai, UAE

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EmSEC is a premier platform for showcasing world technologies and solutions for law enforcement and public security applications.  This event is designed to support and encourage the exporting efforts of UK companies and companies new to this particular market.  Following the success of the 2011 and 2012 events, the Dubai Police will host an exhibition, conference and one to one meetings over two days.

The L-3 TRL team will be showcasing our latest innovations to the award winning BROADSHIELD® Electronic Counter Measures suite and the SMARTSCAN range of Spectrum Surveillance products.

Products featured at this event include:

SMARTSCAN MEWSModular Electronic Warfare Solutions for multi-role, multi-platform

SMARTSCAN MEWS is a state-of-the-art, software-driven spectrum surveillance solution for communications monitoring and DF. Featuring L-3 TRL’s innovative receiver technology, MEWS can detect, locate, exploit and display signals of interest to the Operator.

BROADSHIELD® MCS  - Manpack Jammer

The BROADSHIELD MCS Manpack Jammer is modular in design offering complete flexibility in a tactical environment. Able to operate in both low band (20MHz – 520MHz) and high band (420MHz – 6GHz) frequencies the MCS can also be rapidly reprogrammed in the field to change its jamming frequencies, target frequencies and operating parameters.

BROADSHIELD® WBS - Vehicle Jammer

The BROADSHIELD WBS is compact in design with two integral power amplifiers in an efficient mono-block package. Multi-channel and programmable, the WBS operates over the 25MHz - 2.5GHz range allowing the selection of extended jamming capability, avoiding unnecessary gaps or blind spots in the spectrum.

If you would like to arrange a meeting during EmSEC 2013 or require further information please contact Further information on the show can be found at EmSEC 2013