A graduate’s transition from university to the defence sector

TRL’s Sam Lichy provides her perspective on moving from the higher education to an engineering role in a dynamic, innovative technology company.

Back to school: A partnership between industry and academia is essential for future UK growth

As the new academic year begins, TRL’s Tim Hadfield takes a look at the important link between industry and academia.

Project management profession can make the difference for leadership teams

Ahead of this week’s Association for Project Management conference on balancing your change portfolio, L3 TRL Technology’s Director of Programmes, Tim Hadfield, considers how the project management profession can step up to the plate to help businesses keep pace with a rapidly evolving world.

A five-step guide to implementing a modern Government Grade cryptographic solution into a network

Aimed at service providers but relevant to anyone deploying a Tier 2 or Tier 3 network, TRL's Rob Wright details five steps that can help facilitate a smooth deployment that is beneficial to your organisation.

Giving the game away

In the post-Christmas lull, taking part in many of those Facebook quizzes and sharing the results can be a bit of fun, but do you know what’s really going on behind the scenes? TRL’s Head of Security, Paula Marshall, has the answers.