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Jun 2016

Why Corporate Social Responsibility is important to L-3 TRL

Carly Hill, Marketing Director at L-3 TRL Technology, talks about the importance of CSR to the organisation, and how it plays an integral part of their purpose.

As a technology provider, development partner, corporate citizen and employer, we strive to stay one step ahead. Looking ahead informs our role in the community and the wider world, so we integrate CSR into every aspect of our business.

We’re committed to managing our business responsibly and acting in the best interests of our employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment.
We structure our responsible and sustainable business initiatives into four themes:
• Community
• Environment
• Workplace
• Marketplace

L-3 TRL strives to be a responsible neighbour. We support local and industry related charitable causes and sponsor local activities in our community. We have strong relationships with key universities and educational establishments, particularly supporting our field of expertise - engineering.

Charity of Choice - Each year we invite all employees across the business to nominate a ‘Charity of Choice’ for the year and a company-wide vote takes place to decide on the chosen charity for that year. Employees organise various events to raise as much money as possible for the cause. Every penny raised is then matched by the company at the end of the year, increasing the total amount we donate.

This year our Charity of Choice is Winston’s Wish in Cheltenham - a charity close to the hearts of many TRL employees. 


L-3 TRL is committed to protecting the environment for future generations and has set targets and objectives to reduce the environmental impact of our business and products during their lifetime.

Environmental impact is always a top priority in new product development when selecting raw materials and designing packaging and we have a target that 80% of products will be 100% recyclable by 2020. We actively encourage employees to recycle and have a target of 0% waste to landfill by 2017. By taking positive steps to conserve natural resources with renewable electricity sources at all L-3 TRL sites, we’re helping reduce our carbon footprint.

We have achieved a number of accreditations and have management systems in place including ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System, and OHASA 18001 – Health & Safety Management System.


L-3 TRL believes in treating people fairly and consistently, encouraging openness, supportiveness and respectfulness in the workplace.
We know our greatest asset is our people, and we create a climate and culture that encourages them to deliver outstanding performance for our customers, for us and for themselves, with our company values shaping the way we behave:
• Acting with Integrity
• Delivering Excellence
• Working in Partnership
• Respecting People
• Focussed on the Future

We value the contribution and ideas that spring from people with a range of views and opinions, which is why we have the L-3 TRL Employee Forum with representatives from across the company coming together to help improve communication and openly discuss and resolve any issues.

Fairness in the way we do business is imperative and is at the heart of our values and culture.
We work strictly within the legal and ethical regulations for the UK, US, and each of the countries we conduct business in, and ensure all employees complete appropriate ethics training modules.
The company is compliant with the FCPA, UK Anti-bribery act and country specific regulations and laws.
It’s important for us to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and provide support for small, local, specialist producers, manufactures and services, where possible within a 10 mile radius of our sites.


About L-3 TRL Technology
With 30 years of experience at the forefront of technological development, L-3 TRL is an official supplier to Her Majesty’s Government and the UK MOD. 
Based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, the company produces innovative products that safeguard people and information around the world from terrorist threats.
For more information, visit