Sep 2011

Enterprise-CATAPAN Crypto Receives Certification

L-3 TRL has announced the CAPS (CESG Assisted Products Scheme) certification of its Enterprise-CATAPAN® high-speed IP network encryption device.

As the latest innovation from L-3 TRL’s CATAPAN® family of high assurance cryptos, which protect the classified networks of government and security agencies across the UK, Enterprise-CATAPAN is a strategic 1 and 10 Gbps solution designed specifically for high bandwidth deployments to provide optimum security and functionality at the fastest speed available.

“We have high expectations for Enterprise-CATAPAN”, said Vice President Adrian Cunningham, Head of L-3 TRL’s National Security Division. “The device utilises the same re-programmable architecture as our other CATAPAN solutions, enabling our customers to benefit from multiple deployment options, but with a much faster encryption capability that supports the growing bandwidth requirements within the high assurance marketplace.”

The newly CAPS certified Enterprise-CATAPAN can be deployed as a strategic partner to the industry-leading Mini-CATAPAN®, which is already in service with a number of government, security and law enforcement agencies in the UK to offer an interoperable, agile gateway solution that can be used in conjunction with tactical systems. The device is especially ideal for secure data centre connectivity or similar applications that call for a re-programmable, high-performance solution.