Apr 2014

L-3 TRL Exhibits New Integrated Electronic Warfare Solution in Asia-Pacific Region for First Time

L-3 TRL Technology (L-3 TRL) will be featuring its new Integrated Electronic Warfare (IEW) capability at the DSA 2014 exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 14–17 April.

L-3 TRL’s IEW Subsystem is modular, scalable and interoperable, providing turnkey EW capabilities in support of land, littoral or air threats, as well as challenging tactical scenarios. IEW combines the market-proven capabilities of L-3 TRL’s SMARTSCAN range of Spectrum Surveillance products and its award-winning BROADSHIELD Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) solution, together with ‘best-of-breed’ third-party sensors, to create a totally integrated tactical EW solution.

“Militaries, as well as internal security forces, are contending with increasing challenges across the spectrum of electronic communications. The ability to offer integrated, multi-role and multi-platform EW solutions is imperative to meet their needs,” said Richard Flitton, vice president of L-3 TRL’s Electronic Warfare division. “Our latest IEW capability is both flexible and functionally rich, providing tactical commanders with the complete EW operational picture needed to support effective decision-making and counter emerging threats.”

IEW is designed to accept a wide range of sensor information into its operator-definable Graphical User Interface (GUI). This near-real-time information can be used for spectral analysis, mission planning and tasking of other ISTAR assets for target identification, situational awareness or to mount an electronic attack as a mission progresses.

Consisting of a family of integrated EW sensors and effectors, IEW provides the deployed commander with a tactical EW capability from both organic and non-organic assets. The modular and scalable system dramatically improves the commander’s ability to monitor, seize, retain and exploit advantage within the electromagnetic spectrum.

A typical agile and tactical IEW system has a small form factor and can be run from a single ruggedized laptop, whilst larger systems can be integrated with a wider C4ISR system when required, utilising one or more ruggedized server computers.

Easy to configure, scale and set up, either on or offline, IEW is designed to deliver an effective, current and complete tactical understanding of the EW environment; functionality that is paramount in today’s market.