Jan 2009

Land Electronic Warfare - A Complete Solution from L-3 TRL

L-3 TRL Technology, a provider of world-leading defence solutions, will launch its eagerly awaited land-based Electronic Warfare (EW) training courses at the IDEX 2009 exhibition in Abu-Dhabi next month.

Created by a dedicated team of ex-military personnel, these exclusive EW training courses have been designed to provide customers with information on all aspects of the planning, deployment and control of EW assets in a range of operational scenarios. Each course integrates with L-3 TRL’s popular Mobile Electronic Warfare System (MEWS) and Compact Electronic warfare System (CES) solutions which provide up-to-the-minute battlefield intelligence through a versatile search, interception, deception, Direction Finding (DF) and electronic jamming capability.

“With basic and advanced options available, our EW courses cater for a wide range of requirements, from EW Commanders to Operators. Each course combines theory and systems management which is complemented by the field-based expertise of the L-3 TRL Training Team”, states Richard Edwards, Training Manager for L-3 TRL.