Jan 2013

New website launch for L-3 TRL

L-3 TRL is pleased to announce the launch of their new and improved website.

Designed with a fresh, innovative appearance and user-friendly navigation, the site features the latest product information in a quick and easy to find way.

The new website has a greater emphasis on our three main capabilities and product brands including the award winning CATAPAN range of Government Grade Network Security products, the BROADSHIELD range of Electronic Counter Measures and the SMARTSCAN portfolio of Spectrum Surveillance products.

A branded and stylised drop down menu introduces each brand and the products within the portfolio, making navigation of the site simple and easy. The site will also feature the new L-3 TRL capability video, designed to show each of the products working in ‘real-time’ scenarios.

The new L-3 TRL website will be updated on a regular basis with information on events, product launches and recruitment opportunities. If you experience any problems using the new website or would like to make any suggestions, please contact us at