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Jan 2009

TRL achieves Queen's Award for Enterprise Second Year Running

TRL has been recognised by the Queen's Award for its continuous development of the BROADSHIELD® family of Counter Radio-Controlled Explosive Device (RCIED) products that protect military and civilian personnel worldwide.

This is the second year running that TRL has been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise; in 2008 TRL was recognised for its outstanding achievements earned in overseas revenue and commercial growth success and achieved the Queen's Award for International Trade.

RCIEDs are one of the largest areas of concern for soldiers in theatre. These devices provide the enemy with the consistent capability to cause injury and death, with the knock-on effect of demoralising troops on the ground. The BROADSHIELD® Counter-RCIED range provides life saving protection for military frontline troops and vehicle convoys that are under continual threat from these devices on a day-to-day basis.

The equipment features software-based radio architecture which can be rapidly re-programmed in the field to change the jamming waveforms and mission parameters in response to the RCIED threats as they emerge. Developed alongside the TRL Threat Analysis Cell, the BROADSHIELD® range combines intelligence with proven working methods, incorporating the most refined and advanced waveforms that can defeat a wide variety of RCIED threats quickly and effectively.

“Over the last 5 years, TRL has grown tremendously; this is especially so in our international markets” states Peter McKee, CEO. “Our success can be attributed to the specialised skills and commitment the entire team has brought to the company and our innovative world-leading technology and solutions. We are delighted to be awarded the Queen’s Award for the second year running.”

Currently, TRL is continuing to evolve the BROADSHIELD® family with the development of the third generation of Counter-RCIED devices that utilise new techniques to respond to a wider range of threats as they emerge.

For over 20 years, TRL’s BROADSHIELD®  solutions have formed a key part of the Force Protection capability for many defence and Government organisations worldwide, defeating threats from insurgents and terrorist organisations and ultimately saving lives.