Jul 2014

L-3 TRL Help Make Life-Saving Emergencies Easier With Second Defibrillator Donation


Handing over the defibrillator
From left to right: Tom McVey, Life President at Tewkesbury Bowling Club, Rod Trower, Chairman at Tewkesbury Bowling Club, Andy Barnes, Vice President – Operations at L-3 TRL Technology, Mrs J Bishop, Ladies Captain at Tewkesbury Bowling Club and Len Upperton member of Tewkesbury Bowling Club and Employee at L-3 TRL Technology

On Friday 25th July, Tewkesbury Bowling Club was donated a life saving defibrillator to the Chairman, Rod Trower for use at Gander Lane by Gloucestershire-based defence manufacturer L-3 TRL Technology.

Len Upperton an employee of L-3 TRL Technology and a member of Tewksbury Bowling Club was keen for the defibrillator to be donated to the local club after the tragic death of one of his close friends who died whilst bowling on the green.

Tewkesbury Bowling is a small and friendly club with 79 male and female bowling members and boasts one of the best greens in the county. Colin Campbell, Hon. Secretary of Tewkesbury Bowling club said “This is a very important donation which will improve the facilities within the club which, we hope, we may never have to use, on behalf of our members, thank you.”
The Chairman, Rod Trower from Tewkesbury Bowling Club who received the defibrillator said ‘We hope we never have to use the defibrillator but it is very reassuring to have one to hand.’

 “Being able to help our local clubs in such a way as to provide life-saving emergency equipment is fantastic and I am delighted that we were able to present this to Tewkesbury Bowling Club at Gander Lane.” said Andrew Barnes, Vice President of Operations at L-3 TRL Technology and whom presented the defibrillator to Rod Trower on the bowling green. “By donating this defibrillator it should aid them in providing the best support to their members.”

L-3 TRL takes an active role in supporting local charities and the community to positively engage with the wider society that its employees are a part of outside of work. This is the second defibrillator donation from L-3 TRL Technology, the first being to Tewkesbury Town Colts last month. Staff at the 350 strong company, one of the largest employers in Tewkesbury are encouraged to submit suggestions for donations to local charities and the community, with all nominations being reviewed on a monthly basis.

Defibrillators play an important part at sporting clubs, as sudden cardiac arrest strikes without warning taking the lives of 250 people per day in the UK, greater than lung, breast cancer and AIDS combined, it effects anyone even young athletes. Administering defibrillation within the first three minutes of an arrest increases the survival rate to over 70%.

L-3 TRL Technology protects people worldwide from current and evolving threats through market leading defence and security solutions and its decision to support a local charity falls in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy to support and enhance their engagement with the local community.

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