Mar 2016

Why Protect Your Network?

When it comes to making cyber security decisions, more often than not the decision-makers/budget holders aren't directly at the coal-face. Whether you're a board member or procurement professional decisions need to be made even though you may feel you don't have a proper handle on the situation.

At a time when risk of cyber attack is growing, many organisations' approach to cyber security is a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted i.e. they find out about an attack after it has happened and the damage has been done, then work to contain it, rather than taking precautions to minimise the threat.

For larger organisations, particularly those operating within Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), the complexities of their Industrial Control Systems (ICS) plus the relationship between the plant and corporate communications combined with the critical nature of their business makes them a clear target for hacking.   

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking there's nothing wrong, just because you're not aware of any issues. Ignorance is not an excuse and the stats surrounding the amount of time that hackers are likely to have spent on your network before being identified should be cause for concern at every level within the organisation.

Our IGUANA Security team's approach is slightly different; they think prevention is better than cure and want to help organisations to implement measures aimed at ensuring their day-to-day business continues as usual, even if their system is being threatened by a cyber-attack.

The IGUANA family of solutions has been developed for the protection of critical networks and data assets. Starting from inside your network and working our way out, our solutions ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your infrastructure and assets.

To take your first step towards preventing cyber attack, please get in touch with the team. They'd be delighted to chat about your cyber security concerns and help you find the right solution to protect your critical assets from the ever-present threat of cyber attack.