Nov 2015

BROADSHIELD Jammer range featured in Shephard "Digital Battlespace"


In the latest issue of Shephard "Digital Battlespace" L-3 TRL Technology’s director of business development and strategy Mark Minall emphasises the importance of integrating jamming with communications at the planning stage for any operation.

"Modern day electronic warfare and communications… should be aligned, and those that don’t have them aligned are always going to stand into danger".

At DSEI, L-3 TRL exhibited its BROADSHIELD jammer range, which is designed with comms arbitration in mind. Minall argued that it is not always practical to have a direct link between jamming and communications equipment.

"What you need to be able to understand is the frequencies that you need to transmit on to communicate [versus] those of an adversary's comms that you either want to attack or defeat as far as force protection is concerned, it isn't practical to have them joined up and doing that all the time. There could be scenarios where you choose to do that, but having look-through windows that are known is the panacea.

You can read the whole article here