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Sep 2018

L3 TRL announces development of CORVUS open standards platform for CEMA operations

Logo for CORVUSA new multi-role, agile and scalable platform supporting operations involving cyberspace electromagnetic activities (CEMA) has been developed by L3 TRL Technology.

Using open industry standards and an architecture that will be shared with trusted industry partners and customers, the platform can be configured for simultaneously operating communications, direction finding, electronic warfare and signals intelligence missions all at once.

Called CORVUS, this underlying architecture has been created to enable responses to CEMA-based threats to be developed, scaled and deployed faster than conventional approaches. The new approach will help reduce the burden on the end-user by providing multiple mission-capabilities from the same underlying platform, and maximising training, logistics and power efficiencies.

CORVUS enables a holistic family of components (processors, receivers, transceivers, power-amplifiers and communications) and mission-specific application software to be developed by a range of organisations and brought together quickly in a variety of scalable configurations. These can then be used to create flexible, scalable systems to suit missions of varying size, weight and power constraints, from tactical personal-countermeasure units, through to vehicle-based platforms and up to strategic, fixed installations.  


L3 TRL announced the development of CORVUS at Land Forces 2018 in Adelaide, Australia. Speaking at the event, L3 TRL General Manager, Richard Flitton, said: “CORVUS will help defence and security agencies to synchronize cyberspace and EW operations, and integrate functions and capabilities that maximise complementary effects in and through cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum, providing critical mission-capabilities for commanders at all levels during operations. This new approach will bring together effective and networked detect, collect, protect, spoof, decoy and deny CEMA capabilities in a variety of modular solutions.

“Conflicts across the globe are increasingly multi-domain, with continued escalation from near peer and asymmetric threats domestically and globally. With the development of CORVUS, L3 TRL is helping defence and security agencies to respond to this increasingly complex challenge, with a next generation architecture that can continue to evolve incrementally as threats and technology change over time. By drawing on open standards, CORVUS presents a flexible and robust capability for the future allowing our partners to maintain a mission advantage against the adversary.”

The first capability to be offered that utilises CORVUS is L3 TRL’s new personal electronic counter-measures (PECM) system providing electronic surveillance, electronic attack and force protection capabilities for the individual in a small, compact body-worn unit.  

PECM unit with batteryCrucially, PECM allows the user to operate in complex multiple threat environments and features L3 TRL’s purpose designed 20 MHz to 6 GHz compact wideband transceiver providing two high-performance, fully programmable, independent, full band channels and is also field programmable. Multiple mission-applications can be rapidly accessed by the user via fast firmware switching and PECM’s web-based interface allows the user to load mission-based information onto any Windows-based device.

CORVUS key points

  • Re-configurable to address emerging technology and threats.
  • Future proof, with rapid development cycles to embrace new technologies.
  • Lower cost of ownership across development, acquisition and support.
  • Interoperability at both tactical and strategic levels via open standards, a shared architecture and defined-interfaces.
  • Enables trusted partners and customers to develop their own modules and application software, avoiding vendor lock-in for procurement agencies.
  • Agile software driven platform eliminating lag of traditional stove-piped development.

About L3 TRL

L3 TRL is a UK-based company which designs, develops and delivers advanced electronic systems for the protection of people, infrastructure and assets. L3 TRL operates primarily in the fields of electronic warfare and cyber security, creating scalable solutions by investing in innovation and delivering excellence. Working in partnership with civil and defence organisations around the globe, L3 TRL helps make the world safer through defending against evolving and emerging threats.