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Jul 2014

L-3 TRL Supports Aston University to aid R&D

As part of the L-3 TRL initiative to engage and build relationships with cutting-edge research institutions, we have recently donated £25k of laboratory equipment to Aston Institute of Photonic Technology (AIPT).  The equipment was gifted to Aston University to aid the institute in developing free space optical systems and enable them to explore the interface, and overlap, between radio frequency and optical technologies.  This research has long-term applicability to secure communications, signal cancellation, and wide-band direction finding.      

Dr Dave Benton, who previously worked at L-3 TRL as Chief Scientist, moved to Aston University in February 2014 with the aim of using his industrial experience to develop and strengthen relationships with local businesses that can benefit from photonics expertise.

Dave said of the donation: “I am delighted with this generous donation and I hope to collaborate with L-3 TRL Technology on future projects. I look forward to seeing what can be achieved with the new equipment in collaboration with local businesses. “

AIPT is one of the leading academic groups carrying out photonics research in the UK. The group has over 60 researchers, and further expansion will continue into the next few years, with laboratories being upgraded, allowing for research areas to be extended.

Dr Paul Brittan from L-3 TRL said: “We are keen to establish a lasting relationship with Aston and explore both funded and collaborative research initiatives.”    

If your business could benefit from the photonics expertise available at Aston University, please contact John Richards, Head of Business Development on 0121 204 4254 or