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Jun 2012

Third time Queens Award

Gloucestershire-based defence manufacturer L3 TRL Technology has announced today its success in winning a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in recognition of the outstanding innovation of its market-leading miniature encryption device, Mini-CATAPAN.

As the third Queen’s Award to be awarded to L3 TRL, this latest honour marks a key milestone in the growing success of its CATAPAN portfolio of encryption solutions, which protects sensitive information up to the Top Secret level.

“The success of Mini-CATAPAN has enabled us to establish a leading position in the UK marketplace and has created new international growth opportunities for L3 TRL within the information assurance arena,” said Adrian Cunningham, L3 TRL vice president and head of its National Security division. “We have created a strong platform from which to expand our capabilities in this area, and with a number of innovative developments in the pipeline, this is an exciting time for us as a business.”

With strong sales, Mini-CATAPAN has been recognised for its “outstanding innovation” in meeting evolving demands for the protection of sensitive data and VoIP communications.

The initial development of Mini-CATAPAN was prompted by government requirements for secure IP connections between classified networks using public network infrastructure. Previous hardware-based, rack-mounted units deployed on fixed networks were costly for users and became outdated with the increasing use of mobile platforms. Mini-CATAPAN was designed to offer a high-speed capability in a pocket-sized, reprogrammable unit, offering improved flexibility, better usability and easier maintenance for users.

Developed under the guidance of the National Technical Authority, CESG, Mini-CATAPAN was certified by the CESG Assisted Products Service (CAPS) as a High Grade Top Secret crypto in 2009, and the device was launched shortly thereafter into the UK market. Since certification, Mini-CATAPAN has been widely deployed across a number of government, security and law enforcement agency networks worldwide and is fast becoming the high assurance encryption solution of choice to secure IP networks.

L3 TRL has over a decade of experience in providing innovative encryption solutions.

Click here to request more information on Mini-CATAPAN