L3 TRL operates in the fields of electronic warfare and cyber security, creating scalable solutions by investing in innovation and delivering excellence.

We pride ourselves on our track record of innovation and providing consistently cutting-edge and versatile solutions that counter specific threats and address particular operational constraints.

We have a long history of working directly with defence, government, civil and commercial customers on specialised, secure projects and appreciate the importance of tailoring individual solutions that are not only interoperable but also scalable and flexible to meet the specific requirements of each customer and can evolve as threats change and technologies advance.

Our approach is one of ‘listen, interpret and develop’. We listen to what our customers need, interpret these requirements and use our problem solving capabilities to develop an intelligent, solution that performs to the highest standards in every scenario.

Our customers benefit from peace of mind as well as solution excellence. By choosing L3 TRL, you are making a safe decision, from your own point of view and that of your end users.

CATAPAN and BROADSHIELD are registered trademarks of TRL Technology Ltd. All L3 TRL systems incorporate classified technology and are subject to strict export regulations.