As the reliance on our critical networks grows, so too does the frequency and complexity of cyber-attacks against them. This increasing complexity of threats means that traditional methods of securing infrastructure and sensitive assets are no longer adequate and a more robust, future-proof line of defence is required to combat the evolving nature of cyber-attacks. The IGUANA Security family of solutions has been specifically designed for the protection of critical networks and data assets, defending against modern cyber-attacks.

IGUANAGreen - Encryption

IGUANAGreen is based on L3 TRL's advanced Government Grade hardware encryption solution CATAPAN, making it the most sophisticated solution of its kind for protecting and securing networks.

With an increase in the use of public IP networks comes an inevitable escalation in the risk of cyber attack. The frequency, severity and complexity of these attacks is on the rise and multiple variants of both systems, and information, is being targeted. In order to keep pace with evolving threats, businesses need to deploy a security strategy which not only protects the integrity and confidentiality of their data today, but also mitigates evolving threats in the future.

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