Utilising advanced jamming techniques, our multi-role Electronic Attack (EA) and Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) solutions are designed to provide flexible and targeted jamming of the electromagnetic spectrum for force protection, offensive EW and operator training to effectively exploit intelligence gathered in the field.

For mission-specific deployment in the Counter-Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (C-RCIED) role, or communications denial, deception and EA roles, our BROADSHIELD products enable complex waveforms to be created and transmitted, with operators able to exploit the very latest field-based intelligence.

  • Vehicle, portable and personal solutions
  • Scalable, configurable and flexible
  • 20 MHz – 6GHz continuous coverage
  • Rapidly reprogrammable in theatre
  • Active, reactive and hybrid solutions
  • Combat proven
  • Zeroize and anti-tamper protection
  • Threat profiling, analysis and waveform protection

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